What’s Inside Hustle Trading

✔ Detailed videos and Pdf course content explaining our logic.
✔ Pre session forecasts of what we’re seeing coming into session.
✔ 4 Zoom calls per week, Covering numerous topics and live trading.
✔ Interactive chart markups to see all trades taken from the team.
✔ x4 Trade recaps per week from founders and coaches.
✔ Full discord support from the team and community.
✔ Founders are present day in and day out to offer help & insights.
✔ 1-1 Coaching is also available with our three coaches.
✔ We also give away a 100k Ftmo every quarter to someone.
✔ In-person meet-ups every quarter to engage with one another.
✔ Suitable for those willing to work hard and go get it. 

Become an elite trader

The aim of Hustle trading is simple. We want to build elite-level traders. With this in mind, we encourage a tight-knit community, one that every member feels comfortable having open discussions. We encourage a culture of excellence in everything we do.

Hustle is about collaboration, the sharing of ideas and knowledge so that we all progress as a unit, no one is above anyone else.


What is Hustle Trading?

At Hustle our aim is simple, to build elite-level traders. We aim to give the best in Forex education. We give you the skills to see the markets as we do.

Why only 300 members cap?

At hustle we pride ourselves on being present in the community, engaging with our members every day. With our focus on constant refinement, we aim to give you the most systematic approach we can. We cap our membership at 300 so we can talk to everyone, and focus on any specific questions you may have. We believe education should be personal.

How Hustle Trading is different?

We have years of experience in the markets. Focused on always refining and learning to deliver the very best in precision entries and logic in a systematic approach. Along with been present within the community ourselves daily engaging, supporting and helping with any questions you may have.

What's the price?

The price is £220 a month. We understand that this isn’t necessarily within budget for a lot of people but we value our time & we put a lot into the community. We also have longer term options which can be viewed by clicking join now. 


When it comes to trading education, there are the others and there is Hustle! Since I joined I feel like my trading stepped into a brand new dimension! The content is unprecedented and the community is something else! They say you are the 5 people you hang out with the most! Today I’m proud to say that I hang around the best, most uplifting people I’ve ever met, and I have never been as confident in the fact that I’ll be financially independent this year, and for that, I’d like to thank Sam, Lewis Albie and the amazing community they created. 2022 we taking over!


The trading journey can be long and isolated, every experienced trader knows that finding yourself moving from community to community can become a frequent scenario and can be tiring. With Hustle I got the space to be around like-minded professional traders daily and it’s incredible. A community where everyone pushes each other further and everyone shares the good and the bad in their day-to-day work with no shame or judging. Nothing but daily growth, laughter, and a great feeling of mutual support! Love Hustle & grateful to be part of it.

Yana Binaev

I always wondered what does the hustle team meant by creating a bunch of elite traders.. well after 2 months into the team I fully understood the basic DNA of how the markets move from every corner of it. I have been to 3 communities before & I haven’t seen anyone explain or support their fellow members like the way u guys treat. Hats off to u guys.

Shijil Roshan

I started my SMC journey 18 months ago, I was previously with a very large community for over a year and found it too busy and got lost within that community. Although I did progress within there, that was down to myself and working hard alone but that’s not for everyone, most like and want support. I knew Hustle founders from previous communities and loved their style of trading and their mindset. In my opinion, Hustle stands out more than any other community I’ve been in. Hustle is a small community, you don’t feel overwhelmed or lost, the level of experienced and very profitable traders in here is like no other. When I say there are elite traders in here I’m probably being modest lol there are some of the very best in Hustle. These guys and gals take their time every day to help traders who aren’t quite there yet progress. To be honest I couldn’t recommend Hustle enough. This isn’t just a community, it’s a family…..if you have a passion and a drive to succeed where others fail, are open-minded to new and ever-evolving ideas, and work hard then come join the Hustle fam.

Kyle Greek

I’ve been at Hustle since day one, in that time I’ve seen the community go from strength to strength and quickly set the standard for elite-level traders. There is no BS, no drama, no egos, just a group of like-minded individuals with the same goal, the same work ethic, all-seeing the market in the exact same way. In my opinion what makes hustle so special, is the fact that Sam, Lewis, and Albie, are genuinely good people.

Since the beginning, every decision has been made in the best interests of the group and in a professional manner. You honestly can’t compare the value hustle provides, with anything in this industry.

Mr inducement

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